Being Positive Is Under Rated and Can Change Your Life!

Life is kind of like a playground bully. Sometimes, it has a bad habit of knocking us down and then kicking us in the stomach until, eventually, it gets bored and leaves us alone. Other times, it seems to sneer and mock us for even bothering to try to do anything worthwhile. Let’s face it, the world is a cruel place and people have every right be negative about it.
Or do they?
Life is a bully, and how do people deal with bullies? They stand up to them. When they get knocked down, they get back up. When they get pushed, they push back harder. When they get teased, they ignore it and walk away. That’s how you deal with bullies, and that’s also how you deal with life. You adapt, you overcome, and you don’t let things get you down.
In all honesty, as terrible as the world can be, things are never actually as bad as they seem. The entirety of the universe functions on the premise that every entity has an opposite of equal significance. For death, there is life. For dark, there is light. For everything that is bad, there is something that is good. So, when somebody is thinking negatively, they are really just willfully ignoring the positive aspects of their lives. They are actively making themselves feel miserable.
In the end, you can’t beat life if you’re busy wallowing in your own self-pity. If you think negatively, life will take advantage of the situation and use it to steal your lunch money. Trust It’s already done it to me plenty of times, that’s why I finally decided to protect myself from some of the unforeseen complications life brings my way by going here.
Don’t think “I can’t”; think “I will”. Don’t be afraid of failure; just go out there and do whatever it is you want to do. Prove to the world that you’re stronger than all the forces that are working against you.
Sometimes, though, life gets especially mean and nasty. So, in these circumstances, when you just can’t feel positive no matter how hard you try, you fake it. You don’t let yourself get caught up in the endless spiral of negative thoughts, because they don’t do anything to help you. When there’s a mess to clean up, there’s no point in whining and crying about how hard it’s going to be. Doing that is just a waste of time. Instead, you force a smile on to your face, tell yourself “I can do this” (even if you don’t believe it) and get to work. Ultimately, a positive attitude always proves to be a productive one.
All in all, being positive will not only give you the drive necessary to achieve your goals but will, also, make you a happier and more content person. It will allow you to get a few steps ahead of those that are too busy lamenting about how their glass is half empty. So, remember to never let that bully called life get you down. Instead, stand up to life and show it who is boss!

Fear Is Our Worst Enemy

We all have fears. We all live with fears. There are fears that are seen and ones that aren’t seen. They can happen for any reason and come to us when we least expect them to happen. However, when fears do creep into one’s life, you cannot permit them to take you over. Because, they will take everything over in time, and not allow you to live your life normally. Some fears are normal to have, while others are abnormal, and it is the abnormal ones that can make life a living hell if you let them. Therefore, the best life lesson one can learn from fear is this, and that is to get away from the clutches of it as soon as is possible. Don’t let fears get a grip on you, because once they do, they won’t let you loose. You have to break free and do it gradually.
The fears that we experience in life can overwhelm us, if we let them, and that is why we cannot let them. There is fear of loss, fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of falling in love, fear of water, heights, the list goes on and on. Some of the most weird of all things can easily turn into fear for one reason or another. No matter what our fears are or where they come from. You cannot let them invade your life and take you over. Because once they take you over. You won’t be so willingly to escape their control. With all of this said, the best way to fight fears is with sheer determination, and this sheer determination is for one thing. What is this one thing? It is to dispel them from your life at once.Don’t let fears hang around and take control of you. You have to be determined to conquer each and every fear. No matter how hard it is. Never give up onyou. Free yourself up from these fears by refusing to acknowledge them or give intotheir power. They will only have power if you give it to them. Take the power and control back from any fear. You will then not be afraid of whatever it is.
You cannot run away or hide from fear. Because if you do, it will only do one thing, and this one this is to consume you and your life. How to deal with fear is to face it. Confront it head on. Don’t run away from it. This is the worst thing you can do. You can’t just wish it away. You have to make it go away. The only way is to stand tall against it. Make sure to avoid avoidance at all times. Go and see a therapist if need. Because a therapist can help to create a safe environment for you to deal with your fear one on one. You can then face your face and reconstruct your memories. One must get proactive with fear and be determined to remove it from their lives. If the fear rises up, be ready to stand up against it, and refuse to let it get the best of you. Because if it does, it will prove to be the worse, and you don’t want this. The only way to conquer fear is to take a stand and fight back against it

Life and it’s valuable lessons


Life Lessons come in various ways and sometimes they can sneak up on you. You may not even realize at the time that they are life lessons. They may come in the form of money, women, men, time control, food, job’s, kids, etc…
God has many ways that he teaches us lessons. I remember not long ago, that I was given the option of going with my friends out to do things i wasn’t supposed to do, or going with my family to see the Christmas lights in Gatlinburg, TN and to enjoy each others company. Still to this day I regret my decision to not go with my family. That is just one example of how we learn to manage our time and use it wisely. Once you have decided and used your time. You can not get it back, and tomorrow is never promised.
I hear people every day talking about how they don’t want to rush their live’s and they want to take their time to find the right person. Sometimes you have to realize that with love they’re no guarantees. No matter how much time you take and how much time you put into that relationship, nothing will guarantee you for certain that it will last.
Money, I believe, has the ultimate control over people. We have to have it to feed our family, to keep a roof over our heads, to keep electricity. It controls so much of our lives now, that we forget the real meaning of our lives.
Our families are what’s important. We need to remember to always put our families first. I am not saying that our job’s are not important. I am just saying that making sure that our family knows how much we love them and making sure that we make time for them is very important. We need to ensure that our family is our number one priority and I believe that is our number one downfall in today’s society. That is why divorce is up and teenage drug abuse, death, and pregnancy is up. If we concentrate on our family more and ensuring that they know our love and their worth, then they will feel that they can conquer anything, and they can if you help them and believe they can.
If you instill in your children that they are strong enough with God to conquer all, that he will never give them more than they can handle. When life gets them down they know that they may fall, but nothing can keep them there. These days people tend to underestimate our youth. They want to shove them to the side and not care about their opinions. It even happens to me at 16. My opinions are not important because I am young and to them I am inexperienced. However, they forget that these young people are our future.
They will grow up and make decisions that can affect our future. We are helping mold our future through actions and setting examples. So when they tell you that the future is in your hands. It is not a simple statement. It is a bold, true statement. You can and will help mold our future. Are you ready to acknowledge and accept the fact that you can change the future positively? Make better decisions for you and help change your life and mine?
Our future is precious lets not waist it on bad decisions, and remember God never gives you more than you can handle.
Until next time, God bless!


Procrastination, What We Love But Hate

The other day I was about to grab my favorite beverage (kombucha tea), sit down, take a deep breath, and write a blog post about a subject that intrigues me. But as soon as I got ready to sit down I reasoned to myself, “hmmm I just got home from work, let me unwind first and see if I have any new messages on Facebook first.”

As I scrolled through my news feed while sitting in my favorite chair (black leather recliner), my eyes began to feel heavy as I skimmed through the meaningless status updates many of my FB friends had posted.

After about ten minutes of scrolling through my news feed, my stomach let off a loud growl letting me know that I had better feed it before the evening was over. “But wait”, I thought to myself, “I should probably write this blog post first and then eat something before I go to sleep…well… on second thought, I’ll probably be able to focus better once I get something in my stomach… yea I’d better eat first.”

You probable know where this is going… I never did write that blog post. Instead I convinced myself that I had better get some much needed sleep since it was getting late, and that I would do it in the morning…. yea… that never happened either.

Procrastination. Oh how we struggle to overcome it. It seems like it has so strong of a hold on us that we procrastinate without even thinking about it. Almost like it’s second nature. As soon as we decide we should do something, we automatically decide we should do it “later”, only to decide to put it off once more once later comes!

Why is it so hard to stop procrastinating even on things that are so important to us? I think it’s pretty simple really… Because it’s a habit. Because we learned to procrastinate at a very young age and some of us have been procrastinating for over half a century! (Not me though… I’m still young).

After so many years of putting things off to another day, It’s not easy to replace this habit with a good one, a habit of executing on our goals, big or small. After all they are polar opposites. Becoming a person that gets things done no matter the circumstances, someone who looks at the “good reasons” for procrastinating, as poor excuses.. well you don’t just become that person over night.

Habits are actions and thought patterns that we have repeated over and over so many times that now they are practically ingrained into our brain. This is called creating neural pathways. Read this blog here for more info on neural pathways.

Think of a marble rolling down a sand dune. As it rolls through the sand it’s creating a slight path behind it. Now picture more marbles, one after the other, rolling down the hill through that same pathway. The second, third, fourth and fifth… soon you can see the pathway has a much deeper groove in the sand which makes it harder for the new marbles to jump the curb and begin making a brand new pathway.

Every time we do a specific action, it’s as if we are sending marbles down the neural pathways in our brain. As we continue to repeat the action, we increase the chances that we will do it again and decrease the chances that we won’t.

Once this fact hit me, I figured I should probably stop procrastinating on writing this blog on procrastination and decided to begin changing my habits of procrastination now, in hopes that I will be free of this bad habit before the age of 50…

Wish me luck… I’ll keep you posted on the progress later… (but don’t hold me to it)… 😉

Until next time, stop all of that procrastination, and get in control of those marbles… (some of you may need to find them first…haha get it?)



Hello and welcome to my website!

“Life’s a roller coaster ride, you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride.” I know if you’re reading this right now you probably have heard this, or a variation of this saying, a few times before.

At first glance, this saying sounds about right. Life has it’s ups and downs, and you have to learn to flow with the changing circumstances, not get too worked up about it, and just enjoy everything you can about life, right?

Well although I partly agree with this concept of life, I partly disagree. You see, life is compared well with going on a roller coaster ride in some aspects. But it’s a poor comparison in other aspects.

Let me explain…

In life, real life, things happen to you. Good things and bad things. But lucky for us, we have the power to change things that happen and make them better or worse. We have the power to actually take bad things that happen, learn from them, adapt to the changes and make something good out of it.

And the same goes for good things that happen to us, we can actually end up screwing things up terribly if we’re not careful.

So no, life isn’t just a roller coaster ride that we some how got strapped into and have no control over whatsoever. We can influence, to a great degree the direction our lives take, for better or for worse.

The sooner we realize this, and take full responsibility for the opportunities that come our way, as well as our current circumstances, the better off we will be, and the more fulfilling and meaningful our lives will be.

As for me, I’m just a young teenager with huge aspirations, trying to find my way in life. I don’t want to settle for less or be average. I want to be extraordinary. I don’t want to just sit back and enjoy the ride as is, because I’m not satisfied with the ride right now. I want a better ride. I want more ups then downs and I want this ride to go faster!

So until I’m having the ride of my life, there’s no time for relaxing and just letting life pass me by. Yes I’m just a teenager, yes I have a lot to learn, and yes I want to enjoy life while I’m still young. I get it. “Don’t grow old too early,” I’ve heard it said plenty of times by the elderly. But i want to be heading somewhere while I’m having the time of my life.

I have big dreams. Big goals. And a big future. My name is Jay, and this is the beginning of the story of my quest for success!