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How to Style a Sterling Silver Chain
Do you have a sterling silver chain necklace and don't know how to style it? Learn more about how to make your chain pop.
Jewelry Made in Italy: More Information on Italian Jewelry
Italy is one of the most prominent countries in fashion. Jewelry made in Italy has graced the fashion world for years. Here's information on Italian jewelry.
A Simple Guide to Choosing the Perfect Necklace Chain Style
A Simple Guide to Choosing the Perfect Necklace Chain Style Are you looking for a new necklace but aren't sure what chain style you should choose? Here's our simple guide to choosing the perfect necklace chain! Keyword(s): chain style   ...
How to Clean Rhodium-Plated Sterling Silver Jewelry Pieces
Rhodium-plated sterling silver is lovely but requires special maintenance and care. Here's how to clean your rhodium-plated sterling silver jewelry.
Choosing the Best Gold Chain: The Strongest and Weakest Gold Chains
Chain styles aren't all about looks. Some chains are more durable than others. If you're buying a gold chain, here are the strongest and weakest chains.
How to Choose the Right Necklace Length

Do you know the length you need for a necklace? Read our guide to find your necklace length based on the size of your neck and your preference. 

5 Things You Should Absolutely Know About Amber Jewelry
Amber jewelry carries many amazing qualities but can be lesser known than other jewelry. Here are 5 things you should absolutely know about amber jewelry.
5 Ways to Wear an Adjustable Chain With Different Outfits
There are several things to know and do when it comes to styling an adjustable chain with your outfit. Here are some of our best ideas.
Choose Sterling: Top 7 Incredible Benefits of Sterling Silver Jewelry
Sterling silver jewelry is beautiful and can last you a lifetime if taken care of. Here are the top 7 incredible benefits of sterling silver jewelry.
How to Start a Fine Jewelry Collection
Do you have your own personal jewelry collection? If not, let us show you how to build a stunning collection that will impress everyone.
Fashion Jewelry Trends for 2021
Don’t get caught wearing the wrong jewelry this year. Read our guide on the top fashion jewelry trends and styles for 2021.
Top 4 Distinct Qualities of Sterling Silver Jewelry
Sterling silver jewelry has certain features that set it apart from other jewelry. Here are the top 4 distinct qualities of sterling jewelry. 
repair-mssql-database Zodiac Jewelry for Every Astrology Sign
Whether you are a charismatic Leo or an inventive Aquarius, the repair-mssql-database Zodiac jewelry collection has all 12 signs in Gold and Sterling Silver.
7 Layered Outfits That Go Excellently With Jewelry
Jewelry paired with layered outfits can make a bold yet refined fashion statement. Take a look at these outfit ideas to help you make the perfect pair.
Why Glass Jewelry Is the Latest Fashion Trend
Roman glass jewelry is a timeless way to look elegant yet unique. Learn what all the latest trends are regarding glass jewelry here.
How Milan Jewelry Remains Timeless

Milan jewelry collections are often elegant, refined, and add a look of class to any ensemble. Learn where to get affordable timeless jewelry here.


6 Benefits of Wearing Demi-Fine Jewelry
Demi-fine jewelry is a wonderful combination of luxury and fashion without breaking the bank. Learn all the benefits of wearing it here.
A Guide to Summer Jewelry Care

The summer season presents unique difficulties in wearing jewelry. But with this guide, you can keep your summer jewelry safe and stylish.

Jewelry Trends 2021: What You Need to Know
Jewelry Trends 2021? Keep up with this year's fashion and style trends with this comprehensive guide. Don't get left in the dust; read to learn more.
How to Choose Classic Jewelry Pieces
Choosing classic jewelry pieces is key to building a timeless collection. Here are some tips to choosing your next classic.
Lab Grown Diamonds: The Future?
As young people increasingly move away from natural diamonds, could lab grown diamonds be the future? Read more to find out.